Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy mentioned that we follow at Saving Account Payday Loans! We always make earnest efforts to maintain your privacy with us! So, you are requested to go through our online application before applying with us. Like this, you will be sure that your information is intact with us!

We at Saving Account Payday Loans are not involved in the process of selling our customers information to any outsider party. Thus, with us you can be sure that your information will never be forwarded to anyone without your consent. But, we might share your information various lenders, in order to find you the best deal.

You need to provide your personal and financial information to us while applying. We at Saving Account Payday Loans collect this information to serve you better. Furthermore, we keep this information to provide you better services in future.

You can easily browse through the pages of our site without any inhibition. We at Saving Account Payday Loans never gather any of your details without your prior knowledge.

The privacy policy at Saving Account Payday Loans is a matter to change from time to time. This is mainly because we can change our site and services at anytime without any prior notice. So, to be aware of all these changes do visit our privacy policy each time you come to our site.

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